Award Winning

"We support our clients far beyond the completion of their installations, ensuring that their systems continue to function flawlessly and keep pace with new technology and functionality."

Tom Booth, Projects Director
Jude Martins

The Aftercare Team

Client Support Manager, Jude Martins, runs our Aftercare service with support from his dedicated team. Jude has a lifetime of experience in the customer relations arena and brings a personal touch to this technical role. Jude advises on maintenance, technical support and upgrade advice.

Every single project includes a one-year aftercare package, which grants access to our dedicated support manager. Throughout this duration, we will not only provide maintenance for the installation but also schedule regular visits to ensure that all equipment remains clean, updated, and fully functional.

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CSS Support Services

We offer a variety of unparalleled support services that are available around the clock, every day of the year. Our products are tailor-made to ensure the smooth operation of our systems. With these solutions, we can remotely oversee, access, adjust, and enhance our systems while causing minimal disruption or downtime. Additionally, we provide an array of advanced support system choices such as Shield remote monitoring service and offsite data protection with backup capabilities.

Continuing Your Support Service

Prior to the completion of your initial year, we will reach out to you and engage in a conversation regarding the most appropriate continuous assistance that aligns with your requirements.

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