Page 9 - CSS Journal February 2017
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Tom Booth, Projects Director at CSS, who led the team working with David Holmes, said one of the principal challenges was the sheer variety of household func ons that had to be automated.
Tom said CSS learnt a lot from working with David, par cularly about the needs of people with severe disabili es. “It is very difficult for an able-bodied person to an cipate those needs. I think if we were approached again by a client who had recently suffered a disabling injury we would be be er qualified to advise and guide them on their needs, and how those needs could be met without them having to live with those difficul es for five years, as in David’s case.”
“With all projects, the first technical aspect to be dealt with is assessing all the various items of automa on that we need to bring together, which means talking to many different contractors, most of whom we have never met before”
In David’s case, this was all the more important because there were many more than usual, such as automated doors and windows, hea ng and ven la on control, security CCTV, door entry, telephony, ligh ng as well as the audio-visual systems, which needed to be of a very high spec to sa sfy David’s tastes. All had to be brought together in a single iPad interface. “This had to be set out in a way that David would not only find intui ve, but also user friendly, taking account of his physical limita ons.”
Le : A large art installa on in Davids Cinema Lobby
Most importantly, said Tom, everything had to work first  me. “There was very li le opportunity for fine-tuning in the house, especially because we are typically the last contractors on site and it was essen al that David could operate everything on his first day of occupancy. Project managing this contract required very close a en on to detail and equally close liaison with all of the third party contractors.”
Tom Booth Projects Director
Luckily, said Tom, David was easy to work with and clearly knew what he wanted. “He was always accessible and seemed to have thought everything through in total detail. So we knew from our conversa ons exactly what was expected from us.”

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