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What David’s plans relied on, more than anything else, was a new level of home automa on. This, in turn, would require the exper se of a technical specialist capable of working as his crea ve partner. Given his high standards and expecta ons, it was going to be a tall order, but he says he found just that in Custom Sight and Sound (CSS).
computer system. We were on the iPhone 3 at the  me, so I was ge ng used to that. Then the iPad made the interface bigger, offering more op ons for my hands. I knew if there was anything that I wanted automated, it had to work through the iPad. That was my idea.”
“Those guys were brilliant. It was CSS that gave me that confidence to believe it could be done. They said they could do it, and yes, it could all be controlled from an iPad.”
Like the Sorcerers Appren ce, when le  on his own for the first  me in the house, he took up the iPad and made the place come alive, all to the tune of his integrated sound system, a feature he is par cularly pleased with.
Indeed, it was the launch of the iPad, just a er David came out of hospital, which provided the essen al interface for the many different systems in the technological jigsaw puzzle, which runs the house behind the scenes. Although David has the use of his arms, his hand func ons are limited, making push- bu on controls almost impossible to use. Together, CSS and Crestron designed an iPad app that brought together all the func onality of the house into an intui ve, touch-screen interface that took account of David’s physical limita ons.
“I love music, so having music all around the house is one of the things I am really happy about.” The speakers are operated from the iPad, via the Sonos app; they are hard-wired and all point down from the ceiling, David says, to
Above: An example of Davids art collec on hung above a video door entry point
Right: Electronic door opener & Ligh ng Control Keypads
“Those guys were brilliant. It was CSS that gave me that confidence to believe it could be done”
“I learnt in hospital that opera ng a television remote was hard when you can’t even hold the remote, and when your fingers won’t even extend to push the bu ons. When the first iPad came out, suddenly I could operate a

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