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automated func onality, minimise his need for care. His approach was determined and unique. He wanted to make a virtue of certain necessi es and at the same  me create an environment that didn’t constantly remind him of his disability.
David started planning from his hospital bed. “When you are lying in bed for a year, you have a lot of  me to think. I knew (with the compensa on) there might be an opportunity to build a house. So that was it, I was researching, going online, looking at Youtube videos, checking out the new technology.”
and how I wanted it, and I wasn’t going to be told it couldn’t be done. I come from an industry where anything is possible, where you’ve got the best set decorators, the best, designers, the best special effects men. Ten years of my life was spent working surrounded by these really talented people, who worked to get the best result.”
An example of what this meant for the structure of the building is the glass li  sha . The mirrored surfaces at roof level guide natural light right through the core of the building. “If you’re building a house for a disabled person, there is a good chance you are going to want a li . Did I want a li  stuck in a corner, behind a cupboard that I am ashamed of? No, I made it into an architectural feature in the centre of the house.
“Breaking my neck has made me 10  mes more crea ve. My brain is s ll moving as fast as my body wanted to”
He started reading about the latest control systems from automa on specialists such as Crestron and ligh ng specialist Lutron, and began to think about how they could be employed in a domes c se ng to his benefit. The vision began to emerge. David built painstakingly in his mind, thinking out every detail and developing a blueprint for the perfect home that he was determined would become a reality.
“I didn’t want the house to look like it was for a disabled person. I didn’t want grab handles and that sort of stuff, so I designed it so it didn’t need any of that.”
“I broke my neck to pay for this house, so the compromise was that there was no compromise. I knew what I wanted

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