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ISO Accreditation
Last year we decided to pursue ISO accredita on for a number of important disciplines within our company. It was an arduous task but we are happy to announce the success of our endeavors on all three of the standards we entered. These are:
ISO 9001: Customer Service & Quality Management
ISO 14001: Environmental Management
OHSAS 18001: Occupa onal Health & Safety
Graham Cox, who spearheaded the en re opera on, provides us with some insight into the task and the reasons behind the decision.
clients and contractors that Custom Sight and Sound Ltd sits apart from our compe tors.
ISO 9001:2015 was the perfect choice, it would enable us to review all of our exis ng procedures and to possibly develop new ones which would make us an even stronger and more reputable company, and so, that was the decision.
Graham Cox - Operations Director
It would have been wrong to leave it at that, so in the process we decided to pursue ISO 14001:2015 to prove that we really do care about the environment and that we are determined to contribute to its preserva on.
Custom Sight and Sound Ltd has always taken great pride in its ability to provide the very best in cu ng edge technology to a very wide client base consis ng of very discerning people.
But why leave it there? We already had a very robust H&S structure therefore the addi onal work of OHSAS 18001:2007 would not come as too much of a burden. Needless to say, it became an easy decision to add this standard onto the agenda.
We could have never achieved our success without employing the very best of personnel and making sure that they were well looked a er. However, in an ever more demanding industry it became vitally important that we didn’t rest on our laurels, we needed to underpin the resources that we had and to build on our reputa on of being industry leaders. The ques on was how to do that and also demonstrate to prospec ve
This all led to more than six months of intense work and has proved worthwhile throughout. We now hold all three accredita ons and are extremely proud to be among the top 1% of companies worldwide who share the same pres gious achievement.
Quality Standards:

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