Page 23 - CSS Journal February 2017
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With a close eye on the contractors programme, the project manager will progress the detailed design package with the help of our CAD staff. This package consists of two parts; 1. build-in details, eleva ons & 3D renderings per nent to the job, and 2. details of the internal structure of the integrated systems such as rack details, control and infrastructure schema cs.
Equipped with this informa on, our Project Manager will then meet with the design and construc on teams to go through our mutual requirements of the project and explain the methodology behind our design. This level of communica on is vital for a coordinated comple on and con nues throughout the life of the project; we also a end site mee ngs as o en as required.
Once the project is underway and the infrastructure is taking shape, our engineers regularly visit site to check cable runs and to assist with the fi ng of speakers and the termina on of outlet plates and ligh ng keypads. We also become heavily involved with the integra on of the BMS systems from an early stage and make  me to prove the interface of our systems on site ahead of  me.
While progress is being made on site, back at the office our rack build and programming teams are busy building the heart and brains of the system. Each rack of equipment is built within a controlled environment to our exac ng standards to assist a speedy installa on and reliable opera on. Once the AV rack is complete, the programme is uploaded to the system and the en re rack is soak tested for a number of weeks. This allows us to test every bu on on each control interface and to eliminate any bugs in the system prior to installa on. Finally, using our own logis cs, we wrap each rack in a protec ve casing and deliver it to site for commissioning.
With the second fix items already in place, installing the AV rack and commissioning the en re system is o en a swi  process and we are soon ready for hand-over. Once the client has taken residence and se led into their new home, we return to site to adjust ligh ng scenes with the interior designer and to carry out any required modifica ons to the system.

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