Page 22 - CSS Journal February 2017
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Behind the Scenes
How we deliver a project
With more clients visi ng our offices than ever before, here is a glimpse into what goes into each and every one of our projects.
From our offices in the heart of the Essex, we offer full design, installa on, programming & maintenance services. This ar cle follows the life of a project and how we implement all of these services under one roof.
Once the client brief has been agreed and a budget has been set, we commence the detailed design phase of the project. This includes a number of design team mee ngs both on and off site to establish the overall requirements of the project. These range from structural considera ons to the overall architectural design of each space, to the finer points of the interior design and surface finishes. No stone is le  unturned.
A project team is then assigned to the scheme which assumes responsibility for the delivery of the project. The team typically consists of a senior project manager, lead engineer and CAD staff. Further engineers, programmers & rack builders are then added to the team as things progress.

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