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The last film that brought the systems alive & why?
addi on to beau ful homes up and down the country. Architects, designers and developers are including a room for the family; a media room, including a large TV and sound system in almost every plan and where possible, a drop down screen, projector and mind blowing sound system are designed into the space. This has become a familiar expecta on, so families are able to experience movies, sport, concerts and of course gaming as the director intended. Times are also changing; children are more interested in 'virtually swimming' than going to the trouble of actually stepping into a swimming pool!
What are the key elements in a dedicated cinema room:
When selec ng a custom installer, experienced in the art of designing and installing your very own beau ful cinema; I can fully understand why most become fixated on price and looking for the very best deal. I would encourage anyone lucky enough to start this journey to focus first on selec ng an installer who can offer experience and exper se in this complicated and in our opinion, o en
We are blessed with having one of Europe's finest Home Cinema systems within our Stansted facility and o en enjoy movie nights with dealers and on occasion their clients. I'm reluctant to pinpoint a certain movie, as every  me we leave the room, it has me thinking that last was the best. As well as watching movies, I'm a massive fan of concerts and the latest release from Ed Sheeran was simply spellbinding!
Favourite actors & movie?
I'm a huge fan of all movies. I can see good in most films and love transpor ng myself into the experience; for a short while escaping normal life. I've been lucky enough to have met the very awesome Michael Caine and very much enjoyed seeing the man, rather than the Hollywood persona.
Just how good can it be?
uneducated, arena. The very best cinema performance can only be seen and heard when the installer spends the last days calibra ng the system, squeezing every last grain of available performance. I see too o en clients choosing their 'cinema installer' on who's more likely to offer the best deal, rather than picking the installer most experienced to deliver. We wouldn't pick a tractor engineer to build our sports car, but I'm afraid that's precisely what happens when decisions are made based on the size of the presence of a discount.
What new technology can we look forward to?
Favourite cinema install
The answer is simple; as good as you want it to be! We've worked with dealers up and down the country, helping them to deliver the very best performance at whatever price point the client decides. Literally, from a £20'000 two seat cinema to a £1 million state of the art theatre for 32 guests.
Def-Tech BP9060
Working in the industry for over 25 years has meant that I've been privileged to experience some quite incredible systems. Once a client has commi ed to work alongside a professional company, such as CSS, my favourite moments have been watching the faces of clients, as they press play for the very first  me.
Virtual reality is the hot topic at the moment, although for now at least, it seems unlikely that watching movies on a headset will overtake enjoying a film with family and friends in the tradi onal way.
Why is home cinema becoming so popular?
Since star ng Pulse Cinemas back in 2002, we have seen cinema systems emerging as a must have
Also on the horizon, is technology that will allow watching films at home, the same day they are released in the cinema a very real possibility. This is an exci ng prospect and one we are following closely. Being able to watch these brand new blockbuster films, without the annoying distrac ons experienced in commercial cinemas and in the comfort of your own home, is an appealing prospect for home cinema enthusiasts across the world.
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