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Mike Beatty
Pulse Marke ng, Managing Director
What brought about your Crestron distribu on?
Will you be opening a London Showroom?
What makes Pulse special?
Your view on emerging projector technologies?
We now look a er dealer/installers who are new to Crestron and need our support and guidance, whilst working with us on cinema projects.
We at Pulse Cinemas have prided ourselves on offering the very best service and support to custom installers around the U.K. Our early reputa on was built on the comprehensive service and support offered to our dealers, when delivering all of the elements of home cinema. The opening of our Stansted showroom provided the industry with a venue to showcase a luxury installa on, which demonstrates what home cinema looks like at its best.
During the trade's ISE show in Amsterdam this year, Pulse Cinemas projector partner, Digital Projec on will be launching many new solu ons for the cinema market; including a number of high-end 4K models. These Projectors will be on show in our numerous cinema demonstra on areas; including our much talked about cinema cabin in Chalfont St Giles.
Is there a technology that is overlooked?
We've been friends with CSS for an awfully long  me; 30 years plus actually and during that  me have worked closely together, whilst working for previous employees and of course during some work on the UK's finest cinema installs. It's clear that we mutually benefit from the services we both provide and look forward to con nuing our long and frui ul rela onship.
I would argue that the moment a client expresses interest in wan ng to own a quality AV system, comprising of separate speakers, processors and a quality screen; feeding the system with a compressed movie is like pouring red diesel into your sports car. Kaleidescape should be experienced and enjoyed by anyone who is passionate about delivering quality and we at Pulse Cinemas would encourage a demonstra on at home, or at one of our showrooms, to experience why this is the only suitable fuel for your high performing audio visual system.
What was the biggest industry flop
On installs with screens under 130" wide we would always recommend looking at the 1080P models available though Digital Projec on and ignore the constant cha er about 4K. In the opinion of most, the 4K technology is wasted on smaller screens. It's worth sta ng that when installing large screens in purpose built Cinemas, as CSS specialise, we would always recommend looking at Digital Projec on's 4K models and the benefits they bring.
Using a high quality movie server is an area that is o en overlooked by clients. The marke ng surrounding video download from Apple TV, Ne lix and other low quality distribu on sites is impressive and dealers are some mes met with resistance when trying to explain the benefits of using the only legal, high quality movie server; Kaleidescape.
We've long been a very pa ent company, only accep ng distribu on of products that fit perfectly within our very impressive por olio. When we started work on our facility back in 2011, we decided to install Crestron, even though we weren't distributors. The decision was made because we considered Crestron as being the very finest control system available.
We've always spoken about wan ng a London loca on, but of course the costs have up to now been prohibi ve. A er much delibera on it was decided that we will work alongside an exis ng London showroom and furniture company to deliver the finest AV solu ons, within a beau ful environment. The purpose is to give dealers and their clients a space to visit, if they aren't able to find their way to either of our other loca ons. More news to follow soon, but we can guarantee an environment that the industry will be excited by.
What is the latest upgrade at Pulse?
We have recently upgraded our showroom and wether you've visited before or have just been introduced, now is the  me to come along and experience what the industry is so excited about. Technology within the showroom has never been so effortless and every element, including ligh ng, security and cinema is now looked a er by the latest Crestron control system.
We have recently added AudioControl to our por olio and their very impressive receiver now runs our small demo room. This powerful unit offers Atmos and DTS-X, as well as all the other features expected from a high-end processor.
The new award winning Defini ve Technology BP floor standing speakers now take pride of place in our board room. These offer unbeatable bass, and unrivalled musical clarity from a very small footprint, thanks in part to built-in ac ve subs.
As the years passed, we had many detailed conversa ons with their very talented team, as they learnt more about our business model. It was then decided that Pulse should update the exis ng range already installed in our offices and for us to become one of the finest Crestron demonstra on areas anywhere in the world.
Atmos/Auro. Which is the market leader?
In my opinion, I'm afraid 3D for plasma and projectors is the simple answer to that ques on. As a company we kept away from ge ng too excited, as the films weren't available and projectors that did offer the technology fell short when playing films without 3D. I understand that the marke ng hype encourages clients and dealers to get excited and for those wan ng to be innovators and leaders, it is presumed that their systems need to  ck every available box. Unfortunately hindsight normally comes around when it's too late...
Both Atmos and Auro have their place in cinema and we demonstrate both. Dolby Atmos will of course lead the way and looking at the available content, this format can't be ignored.
I'd urge anyone interested in hearing what all the fuss is about when it comes to emerging sound formats, to make contact with the guys at CSS and hear them at their best inside one of their completed Cinemas installed around the world... or there's always Pulse Cinemas HQ!
Ques on Time:
“ favourite moments have been watching the faces of clients, as they press play for the very first time ”

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