Page 2 - CSS Journal February 2017
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I would like to welcome you all to our first annual journal. We have wanted to do this for a long  me and with our steadily growing team it has now become possible. We hope you enjoy the journal.
It has been a genuinely exci ng experience pu ng this edi on together over the past few weeks. It has forced us to take a step back from the daily rou ne and look at what we do in a more subjec ve way.
1 Introduc on
4 Client Interview - David Holmes 10 Case Study
18 Recently Appointed
19 A ercare Explained - Shield
20 Q&A - Mike Bea y, Pulse Marke ng
22 Behind the Scenes with CSS 24 ISO Accredita on
Above: Family Room, Bracknell Gardens
Cover Page: Entrance Hall, David Holmes House Opposite: Cinema, David Holmes House
We have included what we hope is a good mix of content covering our projects, our clients and the othe people we work with.
We have been very lucky to have been involved in some really fantas c opportuni es over the past few years and worked closely with some equally great people. Over the following pages we would like to share those experiences with you and look to do so on a regular basis.
We look forward to seeing you all over the coming months and bringing you some more insight into our work.
Ian Bolt
Managing Director

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