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Shield - Remote Monitoring Service
What is Shield
Shield is a discrete monitoring service designed to protect our installed AV/IT systems against poten al failure. Built into our central AV racks, Shield constantly searches for any irregulari es in the systems opera on. If an issue is detected, Shield instantly contacts our engineering department detailing the nature and loca on of the fault. This allows our service team to deal with the issue quickly & efficiently by dispatching an engineer to site with the correct components or by logging in to the system to carry out a fix remotely.
What are the benefits
Peace of mind. By choosing Shield, our clients are installing the most up-to-date maintenance facility available for the integrated systems in their home. While tradi onal methods rely on component failure, Shield is specifically designed to flag an issue ahead of  me allowing repair work to be carried out before the system is compromised.
Shield carries an annual service fee which runs in tandem with our exis ng or extended service warran es. While the cost for each installa on is different, the first year includes a one-off cost for the central hardware to run the system. This means subsequent years are less expensive.
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What are the running costs
Remote Monitoring Service
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