Page 16 - CSS Journal February 2017
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This was a fantas c project and one we all enjoyed working on. Cinemas have always been our strong point so it was great to have the opportunity to work in one of London’s most iconic developments at Nine Elms.
Working closely with Ballymore and the Spanish interior designer Louis Bustamente, we created a high-end 25 seat theatre including break-out areas and a leisure complex as part of our full scope of works.
Our primary objec ve was to achieve a truely immersive experience for the residents whether the theatre was hos ng a ‘full house’ or being used by a single family. This started by designing the best possible viewing angles for the number of seats required which lead to a change in the rooms orienta on. The cinema sea ng had ini ally been designed into two sec ons with a centre gangway which removed the best seats in the house. However, we were able to change this to a  ered sea ng solu on with access gained from the sides.
wall coverings; many of which conceal discrete access panels for our equipment.
We used a mixture of professional audio visual equipment to achieve the best set-up for this space and the clients budget. This included a Runco LS12D DLP Projector with long-throw lens & anamorphic a achments, 6m Screen Research cinema screen with side- masking. DataSat audio processing & amplifica on and a professional Procella Audio system with a number of P-18 Subwoofers. We also included discrete gaming and presenta on inputs for specific occasions.
Runco LS12D DLP Projector
DataSat LS10
DataSat RA7300
Procella Audio P-18 Sub
The second main considera on was sound travel. Given the Cinema is located in the heart of a luxury development, protec ng the residents from sound disturbance was high on our list. By working with our acous cians, we used a number of sound-deadening treatments such as absorb on, base management and custom built diffusion boards to contain the sound. This was all masterfully blended in to the fabric of the room by Louis’ team using beau ful acous cally transparent materials and

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