Page 12 - CSS Journal February 2017
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With an exis ng working rela onship with the interior designer, we already had an understanding of their approach and a en on to detail. This was most apparent when crea ng the cinema room on the lower ground floor.
Surrounded by a spa complex and gym, the cinema room is completed to a very high standard using the correct fabrics, colours and surface finishes to achieve a truely immersive space. The HD Runco projec on system is designed to offer dual aspect ra os by using an anamorphic sled while the 3.5m perforated cinema screen with electronic side masking hides the front LCR surround speakers. The high-end DataSat audio processor provides 7.2 surround sound via Triad Silver speakers and includes an upgrade facility for 3D Audio.
Remote Monitoring Service
Having previously completed two smaller projects for the same developer, we were asked to look at this fantas c property on Hampstead Lane. The brief was to provide the residen al systems required to run the property, such as video access, IRS systems, ligh ng, blind & HVAC control, while designing a housewide AV/IT infrastructure to support a variety of upgrade paths for the end purchaser.
Shield Remote Monitoring - This property is one our latest projects to benefit from Shield, our Remote Monitoring Service.
Shield is specifically designed to interrogate the central AV/IT systems we install and flag any irregulari es it finds. Whether it is an over-hea ng satellite receiver or failing hard drive, Shield will no fy our engineering team immediately to the issue and where it lies. This allows us to react promptly and ahead of  me to the issue with the correct informa on and hardware to fix it.

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